Clothing babies for the first days

To be calm when you go to the clinic to give birth plan to prepare a month before a bag for you and one for the baby.

It provides the bag for your baby in advance
It is desirable to carry everything you need for your baby in a basket.
The baby clothes should be soft and easy to wear. To avoid the risk of allergy wash before first use all the baby clothes.

At birth, the baby still has no temperature control so you have to think about dressing in layers.

At least be sure of having a large baby, and provides a body size pajamas "premature" or size 0 to make your baby feel good about their clothes.

Clothing babies for the first days
Clothing should be good for babies from the moment they are born because they are not yet able to regulate body temperature well. Especially to premature babies.

How to dress babies?.

The basket
The baby does not take long dresses of the newborn, so do not worry too much about the first workshop because it will soon use a month.

How to dress for the first few weeks?
-Choose clothing that does not put his head: onesies that open in front or shirts that cross back and tied on the belly.
-The pajama is very easy to put on thanks to the closure of the back and groin, also saw the baby from head to toe.

Protect from cold
It is the basic function of baby clothes.

'So that night is well give it a warm pijama or a bag. In winter use onesies with long sleeves.

'As for materials, pick cotton and synthetics forget, do not absorb perspiration, and wool can irritate baby's skin.

Cool weather with a combination of underwear and mittens. These are tied to the combination by a cord so as not to be lost.

Remember the head and ears, especially in winter. Infants less than three months must wear a cap in autumn and spring. It is essential because the cold comes from above.

Important: Choose comfortable clothes, flexible, practical to apply and remove, and simple locking systems and resilient. Avoid drawstrings, ties, pins and large buttons. Could be dangerous for the baby.

¿Bubblegum pink for girls and blue for boys? No need!
The color range is wide: citrus, warm, with reasons. Today's babies will also fashion collections by following trends.

Not worth buying shoes before the baby starts to walk. Socks are more than enough to keep from getting cold feet when he's home. Also, when you start standing up not wearing good shoes that stimulates the bridge.

Maintaining clothing
Choose clothing that is easy to clean, can be put in the washer and it dries quickly. On the one hand will save time, and the other was washed and further clarify. Now, use a detergent for not attacking dermatologically tested the fragile skin of the newborn. With a soothing hypoallergenic clothing will be even smoother.

Dressing a newborn always struck by the fear we have to hurt. Do not worry, the days you stay in the maternity midwife will teach you how to dress and posture appropriate soon become reflex actions.
However, you move four strokes:
-To put the body widens the neck to the fullest and arugula with your hands. First the baby's face passes through the neck of the garment and then the head.
'As for the sleeves, insert your hand by the end of the sleeve. Then, holding the baby's hand and unroll the sleeve on his arm.
-Follow the same steps to put a jersey or shirt.
-If you want to put pants or overalls used the same strategy: Enter your opening hand monkey ankle up to the crotch. Then, holding the baby's foot and unwinds on his pants leg.