Dresses estraples an option for the warmth

Women are always looking for ways to look better, we just measure of comfort and fashion, so sometimes the task is not so easy. Fortunately the summer we can play with many pieces without violating the 'dress code' of work.

Why strapless dresses?
Are key because they are comfortable, versatile and combinable. You can take it for a day at the beach to dinner if you can choose fabric, color and fall. Are present and go well with jackets, boleros, blazers and coats, if applicable.

For the beach
The most important thing is the fabric, made of cotton, that gives you freshness and allow perspiration. Light colors are appropriate or multicolored. Combine it with a good head scarf and make the game with some accessories in wood or stone.

For the city on a hot day
A geometric print or a solid color like blue in any shade. They look perfect with a jacket or a small bolero. Gives preference to fabrics with heavy fall if it is windy, also cut tulip is ideal for that not to happen. Are underway in three colors, one on top, one on his belt and another for the skirt.

At night, for any occasion
Perfect a white or ivory and combine it with a long necklace or these which are very modern type chest with imitation jewels. Try to keep your hair up and makeup outstanding. You can play also a long blazer if the dress is short and good high-heeled sandals. Another color that is perfect is the electric blue or purple, go for these colors and leaves behind a little black. It's summer fun.

For a family party
The best option, especially if you are a mother you know I'll be squatting is a maxi dress, this will allow freedom of movement, they are very comfortable and modern. The stripes are difficult but there are some divine with several colors to look like fun and very appropriate. Also try a full length with a little cardigan or sweater to match


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