'E. Coli' Europe is unknown and lethal

While the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli) continues to rage in Europe, with 17 deaths in Germany and about 100 infected between Denmark and Sweden, scientists have discovered that it is an unknown and deadly variety.

This form of "E. coli seems to be a combination of a" distant relative "of the best known variant and other strains of bacteria, the result of the mix is that the bacteria remain longer in the intestine and causes much damage more persistent, which may even affect the kidneys.

Medical authorities have said that the only measure against infection is dialysis, without this guarantee an optimal result. Germany is the country most affected, with more than 2 million people are infected.

It was noted that the discovery of the bacteria does not mean that a remedy can be given immediately.

For some weeks it was felt that the Spanish cucumbers were the cause, but has now announced that no one really knows the source of infection.

As a precaution, have banned the cucumbers, tomatoes and salads, without distinction of origin.

This has caused a serious crisis in agriculture Spanish and German.