E. coli is charged four new victims in Germany and now the dead are 29

BERLIN (AP) .- E. coli has claimed four new victims in Germany, officials say Germanic, bringing the total deaths from this bacteria to 29.

The Robert Koch Institute has announced two new victims in the morning and evening, has been Minister of Health of Lower Saxony who has announced two more deaths, including a 20 year old.

Recommend peeling and cooking vegetables

The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA, for short) recommends skin care and hygiene and cooking fruits and vegetables before consumption to reduce the risk of contamination by the outbreak of the bacterium E. coli that has killed more than twenty dead in Germany, while research continues to try to identify the source of the poisoning.

These measures "that have proven to be useful" but "can not completely eliminate the risk, " warned the agency in an evaluation report commissioned by the European suited commissions following the alarm created against the horticultural sector as erroneously stated Berlin cucumbers starting from Spain as a source of pollution.

Among the "best practices" recommended by EFSA for reducing risk in food preparation figure hand washing "before and after handling food, wash with water and keep products at low temperature, as well as peeling or cooking fruits and vegetables "