Eva Longoria, godmother

Eva Longoria, godmother

Victoria Beckham Eva Longoria has asked to be godmother to her 4th child.
Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, is delighted at the suggestion of his friend Victoria Beckham.
She considers the role of godmother as a very important responsibility and can not be happier, as published by Female First.

The excantante and now designer Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her 4th child, expected to be born daughter in July. Indeed, Victoria and husband David Beckham are the proud parents of 3 children, 12 years old Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz 8 6.

The role is even more important for Longoria as this is the first child of the marriage. A friend of the couple confessed to The Sun that "Victoria and David quickly agreed as the two wanted Eve was the godmother."

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham were intimate after the former Spice Girl she moved to Los Angeles in 2007. The British helped, among others, to overcome the split with Tony Parker last year.

Eva Longoria has organized a show where everything was decorated in pink.