Farewell to the marks of bikini!

The swimsuit Kinkini sunny allows uniform body, as if you were naked

Women who hate the sun marks left by the bathing suit can say goodbye to this problem: for them there is a garment that allows the body tan evenly without leaving any blank areas, as if you took the sun naked.
These swimsuits, created in England by Kinkini brand, are made of tissue called Transol is composed of millions of micro-diamond shape that let 80% of the sun's rays while allowing an unmarked tan completely natural.

Garments that are marketed for some time in Europe, Argentina and Colombia make its foray into the U.S. and Mexican market through Spanish and Mexican distributors Buzz Business Group SL and I, respectively.

In addition to the total tanning, swimsuits Kinkini provide further advantages such as quick drying of the garment and the perspiration from the skin easily, both beneficial aspects for health and hygiene sensitive areas.

And while the swimwear models contain the latest cuts and fashions, it is necessary to stress that are not manufactured in solid colors, as the level of the fabric has holes that can only impede the visibility of private body parts through the patterns of color.