The vagina is the final part of the female genital tract, followed by the uterus and opens into the vestibule of the vagina receives the sperm during mating and also serves to give passage to the fetus at birth and the menstrual flow.

In terms of emptiness, the vaginal cavity is virtual, because the front and back walls adhere, in the face of tench and vaginal fornix, the cavity takes on a cylindrical, while in the vestibule of the vagina, it assumes an elliptical shape.

The vagina, about 7 cm in length, lies partly in the pelvis and the perineum in part, and course obliquely down and forward. It is a very distensible organ (during childbirth), but it is also very flexible, since, after an expansion, almost back to the primitive form. The front wall is related to the bladder from which it is separated from the vesicovaginal septum, which lower down becomes the septum uretrovaginale; back is related to the rectum through the cable rettouterino.

The inner surface of the vagina is not smooth, but presents a series of transverse folds, the wrinkles of the vagina, which takes its origin from longitudinal surveys, the columns of wrinkles at the top of the front wall there is a smooth triangular area, the triangle Pawlik of which corresponds to the bladder trigone.

The arteries uterine artery stem (born dall'ombelicale) and vaginal artery (formed by internal pudendal).

Form the veins and vesicovaginal uterovaginale I read, that are discharged into the internal iliac vein.

The lymph nodes are part to internal iliac, presacral lymph nodes and inguinal lymph nodes above.

The nerves are branches of the plexus uterovaginale, derived from the pelvic plexus.

The epithelium lining the vaginal cavity is composed of type paved, very sensitive to hormonal effects, so that we can speak of the vaginal cycle.

External genitalia

The external genitalia are called the vulva, and are at the front of the perineum, between the root of the thighs, and include various skin structures.

The arteries are the internal pudendal artery, a branch of internal iliac, femoral artery.

The veins are thrown into the femoral vein, in the great saphenous vein and internal pudendal.

The lymphatic leading to the superficial inguinal lymph nodes.
Nerves come genital branches of the lumbar plexus and perineal branches of the pudendal nerve internal organ is the most innervated clitoris, which can be found in many corpuscular endings of all kinds.