Former director of Google recommends using Mac

Former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Google, Eric Schmidt, recommended using a Mac if you want to navigate in a more secure Internet. This happened during the conference that was presented D9 California.

In the discussion also noted the ease and security provided by the Google Chrome browser, and recommended that Gmail accounts is used to identify two factors. The relevance of this issue is not mentioned as a device to surf the Internet the new Chromebook, computer designed by Google in partnership with other companies. The answer is that previously worked at Apple.

Eric Schmidt said there are four companies that excel in different fields. He cited Google as a source of information, Facebook, dominating in terms of social networks, Amazon, buying and selling over the Internet, and Apple's design aesthetic products.

Notwithstanding the previous recommendation, recently located a virus designed specifically for Apple devices, called MacDefender. The company boasted as one of its best features, which was free from virus attacks. To counter the infection, the company released an update that detects and removes malicious program.