Google launches new social network project


The company seeks to compete in the profitable world of online social networks

Los Angeles (USA) (EFE) .- The Internet giant Google introduced "Google," a new social network project that is committed to sort contacts into groups to define the recipients of each message as the formula for planting Facebook face.

This is another attempt of Google dominating the search market on the web, to compete in the profitable world of online social networks where their previous proposals "Buzz" and "Wave" did not have the anticipated interest.

"Google" was released in trial version is available only by invitation, according to published Vic Gundotra, vice president of Engineering of the company via the corporate blog which shows six videos which we present the basic characteristics of this new product.

"The problem with current online services is that they consider all the people we know are our friends and how we share information with our contacts can not always be the same," said Gundotra.

The solution proposed by Google is a platform based on "social circles" in which communications are organized into groups of contacts based on user criteria.

Gundotra said that "every conversation online (with over 100 friends) is a public overexposure," why ever considered that less information is shared.

Facebook, according to recent unofficial data has already surpassed the 750 million users worldwide, also has tools to create groups within the social network if many users share information with their "friends" indiscriminately.

"Google" includes the option to create discussion topics, Videoconferencing with the contacts and has a mobile application that is already in the market for Android systems and, among other things, allows the user profile to load automatically the pictures taken from the device.