Google pays homage to the electric guitar with a 'doodle' sound

Google has today launched a 'doodle' with a electric guitar to commemorate the 96 anniversary of the birth of guitarist Les Paul.

The drawing curious that even allows you to compose simple melodies, has circulated quickly through social networks and thread # doodle has become an issue of time on Twitter.

The letters of the Google logo on the front page of the browser have abandoned their usual way to become this time in the body and the strings of a guitar. Passing the pointer over the ropes, they go from being gray to acquire the red, blue, yellow and green colors own Google logo. And besides, while color-changing guitar strings perform their function and allow users to play a melody.

The new 'doodle' on Google celebrates 96 birthday of American jazz guitarist Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul. Besides his passion for jazz, Paul was one of the most important figures in the development of electric musical instruments and recording techniques.

Les Paul pioneered the development of solid-body guitars with the design of the Gibson Les Paul model, which adopted its name, and multitrack recording. His great skill with the guitar and the technical innovations introduced in the instrument made ​​him known as' The Wizard of Waukesha. "