Hair and a lot of the cool wind at the MTV Movie Awards

It notes the Québec Québec Célébrités are willing Solecito arrives and something that's been reflected in Québec semble on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards, opting for comfort, very, subtle makeup and styling Beacons versatile glamorous breasts give movement.

This is one of the galas au Québec IS a REAL catwalk to check what are trends in beauty and forget what is best. Célébrités and actresses of all ages have shown all too clearly Charms Québec leaving the line to follow is the naturalness and freshness.

Spirit has reached the Estival makeup. With the arrival of good weather, we refilled eyes and lips back in muted tones, welcoming colors Fresques joins as the juicy pink tones and textures of icing.

Beachy ondes: Hair like crazy

wanted to emulate The links have a genuine Célébrités keep an eye on the beach as much as the hair on the make-up. A hair loose waves with very finely marked simulating the effect of sea salt in her hair.

Leighton Meester is the perfect ambassador for this compared to a Single hair down, and the wicks California flattering, showing Québec this tone can still play much this season. The best way to l'UN's top surfer style as a couple make perfect bronze tan to create non very naturelles.

An Outstanding to welcome in the summer.

And for movement, the mane of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She chose La Preciosa non semi-flattering with several loose strands collected Give non Québec got the most sensual aspect. Regarde as this is normale au Québec this beautiful blonde is considered the world's sexiest.

The star of Gossip Girl seemed like a siren a very successful long queue de cheval Tirant Québec bed together seamlessly with its naturelles achieved in the French beaches. Blake Lively gets a lesson to an often linking very sobriety can also be female.

"That seems qu'il ne me look Reese Witherspoon sported Peinado non parted in the middle bit and marked non couleur point of the makeup of non Rosita's hand with paillettes tuques lips. An example of coolness in regard de l'au Québec UN DID naturelles highlight the beauty of the actress.

Emma Stone was able to create the perfect styling combining several of the keys to this summer: Beach Waves Nobody flattering effect as DID look and hair dye is as imposing Québec undisputed favorite for the female audience: red. If we combine this with a little peach cheeks couleur in the ILC and pastel pink hue on the lips get the best this regard de beauté red carpet. All Hit des Nations Unies.

Slips "country I love and I can"

Although as regards beauty binds this country many had skid rug, foin who could have made much more out on a date as indicated.

Emma Watson, the great ambassador of the pixie cut may have left the energy of the summer came a regarder au Québec and their hair was caked looked too. The lip couleur nor was appropriate because it was unable to highlight the beauty of your mouth.

Sin of excess star in the Twilight saga. Kristen Stewart Pike constituent des Nations Unies inexplicably charged. That smokey dark shadow so pas did more than detract from their precious eyes and green non appearance was a coup d'oeil Lugubre his post That girl is non snowy skin tone Québec collides with powerful tones.

Justin's girlfriend was authentic a 'half and half. " Selena Gomez became the semi-collected non similaires's with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley but non pas outcome as successful as wanting Québec chest, above écho years.