HairStyles and The haircut

In all civilizations, the hair has been a fundamental element of personality, support of beauty, charm and seduction. The hair retains a deep symbolic value.

The haircut is definitely more feminine long. Mossi and that they are smooth. There are many variations of shades that give them interesting personalities. Long hair can be worn at any age. Hair can be long at any age and even at any time. The modern treatments offer us much flexibility in this sense, just think of the extensions,  cut hair length is no longer so difficult. As you know, the hair takes a long time to grow and reach a certain length.
Usually healthy hair grow an inch a month and about 15 centimeters per year. That's why the decision to cut short hair is often so difficult. This is a final choice, which does not allow second thoughts. . However, many older women choose this option for reasons of convenience: long hair, unless they are worn by a very young girl, in need of care and, in a stage of life during which daily tasks abound, this can represent an unnecessary waste of time.


The most important thing to guess the right hairstyle is to create something modern while maintaining a classic roots. It is best to choose hairstyles that go great time on the day of the wedding photos so much in twenty years.
In the case of hair there are some basic rules that must be taken into account. In order to avoid mistakes and horrors, one must take into account universal rules applied to body types, face shape and hair type that the seller knows.


If it is a round face, do a little seed crop that leaves uncovered head. This will sharpen your cheeks, your eyes get bigger and stretches the neck, getting pulled an effect. If the bride has a round face, however, is lean and low, the best thing is to clean your face, gaining altitude.
The bun is one of the most elegant, even if it is a double edged sword for girls plump. A common mistake for this kind of facial hair is making a lot of pull because they just remove light to the face and call attention to the part of the face that you want to hide instead.


For heart shaped faces sharp, the specialists recommend small thin strands that serve to balance the angularity of the face. They are good hairstyles also collected seeds leaving the sides uncovered needs to take the volume that is missing in the cheeks and lift your eyes. If you want to expand your eyes, you can let your hair from falling into the big waves.
image cut give her something to never do is cover the face of the bride, however, you can let a few strands fall to conceal some defect or give an air cooler to a bride rigid.
Even the braids are good for this face shape, provided that the bride has beautiful ears and a good jaw. This is one of the few hairstyles that does not require great job, because with some flowers or pearls complete it safely. A good solution for those brides who prefer something lighter without sacrificing any detail.