Hepatitis B patients in sex

"Hepatitis B patients in sex, attention should take appropriate precautions to prevent hepatitis B virus." Recently, experts advise patients.

Experts say, the basic transmission of hepatitis B virus is blood-borne, but because it exists in the body's blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva, in the couple kissing or sex, may be transmitted through exchange of body fluids to each other, foreign has been the hepatitis B as sexually transmitted diseases.

"But do not worry too much about hepatitis B patients, as long as appropriate precautions, they can sex life." Expert said.

First, try to avoid the use of stimulant drugs

The liver is the main metabolic hormones places, so patients with severe cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis in some patients appear hormone secretion and metabolic disorders. When this occurs, patients should be actively treated for liver and improve liver function, to avoid their own use of stimulant drugs. Chronic hepatitis loss of libido, mostly due to psychological factors, therefore, to correct the face of disease, to overcome the psychological barriers.

Second, properly handle the relationship between sex and infection

First, the health side to test the hepatitis B virus markers to see if there is resistance to hepatitis B (ie, to produce a protective antibody), normal sex life can be if resistance; such as a lower protective antibodies, hepatitis B vaccine should be strengthened to fight the needle ; the absence of resistance to three injections of hepatitis B vaccine should be, after injection, to the hospital for testing hepatitis B antibody in the protective antibodies should strictly avoid close contact with before.

Secondly, the use of sex condoms, can avoid contact with vaginal secretions or semen infected with hepatitis B virus, leaving the other on. In addition, deep kissing may cause the spread of hepatitis B virus, especially when the other mouth ulcers.

Third, properly handle the relationship between illness and sexual

Acute hepatitis and chronic active hepatitis B patients should pay attention to rest. Sex life during the illness will increase the burden on the liver, may occur with severe hepatitis and life-threatening. Even if the patient into the recovery phase of acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis, but also resting on the sexual life appropriate restraint.