The largest gathering of whale sharks at all

Magazine "National Geographic" picked up the largest gathering of Whale sharks at all, is the whale shark is the largest shark species, as well as the largest fish at all,
and may reach a length of 12.65 meters and a weight of 21.5 tons, which is the only species of the genus Rhincodon which belong to the family of Rhincodontidae (which was called Rhinodontes before the year 1984).

Was found on the squadron's largest ever - according to the magazine, the most widespread in the world of normal life - next to the coast of Yucatan peninsula and off the Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Strange as it is gathered Whale sharks each summer, of course, is not this abundance, but according to the magazine, they dispersed after the rally no one knew where to gather the rest of the year and stressed that they are even if they were flying between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean it would be possible to see them.