Make a dried flowers arrangement

Tailor your own arrangement of dried flowers and enjoy all their visual grace and splendor

The possibilities are endless when talking about dried flower arrangements. Here are some guidelines to get you started:

Step by step

1. Displays a triangular floral arrangement. The back should be flat and the emphasis should be on the front and sides.

2. Choose materials such that the arrangement is 1 ½ times the height of the base.

3. Start with larger species, such as twigs, ferns, species of strong spikes and great flowers.

4. Provides depth to the arrangement by placing the tallest species in the rear. You can use, to this end, larkspur, for instance.

5. Add filler material such as hydrangeas, yarrow, tansys, and statice, as they have only half the height of the twigs, ferns, and species previously used strong spikes.

6. Placed flowers attractive to the eye in the center. They should support the base color of the settlement. For example, blue arrangements, use Carlina vulgaris, scabies, and edelweiss.

7. Keep a balanced way. Try not to place flowers and heavier on one side, and light and delicate flowers of another.

8. Find the balance, and without applying a mirror-symmetrical effect.

9. Continue adding flowers while maintaining the triangular shape established in the beginning.

10. Accentuates the colors with herbs.

Helpful Hints:

· Lengthens the stems using wires to the ends.

• An alternative to adding wires is to use an Oasis. Oasis covers and inserts mossy twigs and flowers in it, in the order described above.

• To make a bouquet round or oval, the idea is the same as the triangular arrangement, but must use more filler. Try to make it look as if the bouquet was going off the base. Try the smaller flowers, as xeranthemum rhodanthe and are grouped into classes, or otherwise, the effect is lost.

• When you are choosing colors, keep in mind that the colors of dried flowers tend to fade.

· Use simple color schemes, arrangements such as orange, yellow or blue. Better yet, is combined with blue gray. The roses do not work well with grayed green and pale yellow are not attractive by the pink.

• Testing with different types of vases or vases. Glasses of sherry, copper pots, saucers, baskets, milk bottles and jugs of water can become beautiful vases. Simply ensures that the base colors are simple and do not use vases with large openings.

· Avoid using too many flowers dominant. In contrast, employs more than filler material is always less striking in shape and color as the central flowers.

· Located flowers are smaller and lighter at the top of the array while the most robust in the lower parts.

Arrangements; made of dried flowers are very beautiful and decorative. The problem is that over time fill with dust. The best way to clean them is using a powerful hair dryer, hair disappear without damaging the flower stems.