Pippa Middleton, the new way forward

She causes so much curiosity and attracts attention maybe as much as her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge recently released. The fascination that is causing the sister of the future Queen of England is above all for his good taste in dress and simplicity in the matter of choosing your wardrobe.

Since the appearance in some events next to Catherine, has continued to be targeted by the paparazzi and fashion magazines. The simple choice, but exquisite in its ivory dress for the wedding of the decade caused a furor and a load of sales of copies of the outfit.

This weekend he was in Paris to support the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, apparently also is linked to a circle of friends in Madrid close to the athlete. What is certain is that this public appearance caused such a growing interest in the media that the first public act of his sister as Duchess of Cambridge.

To assist Roland Garros (extreme left You pictured), chose a model in three pieces: a black blouse and skirt belt in dark gray pattern. Combined it with simple sandals and a bag,
Many claim that some clothing firms such as Zara, which is fan Pippa are seriously considering hiring as a signature image. No wonder, the girl has style and now a retinue of followers and fans will buy anything that they use.

Fashion magazines and heart are helping to create the necessary anticipation, of the ordinary girl to the new queen of style and popularity rubs shoulders with royalty, is worthy of a Disney story. However, the girl apparently has not lost touch with reality and continue their normal activities when combined with new social commitments that are emerging.