Runs another dress Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's style remains the most copied by women around the world. Again, the Duchess of Cambridge has made a dress is completely drained after she displayed publicly.

Remember the blue dress Issa maca was to announce her engagement to Prince William, which sold out in less than 24 hours? Well, history repeats itself. This time it comes to dress like 'bandage' brand cream Reiss in which Kate was photographed as she chatted with Michelle Obama this past Tuesday.

The $ 340 model was sold out immediately after the photos circulated in the media. Such was the commotion caused by this dress cybernetics, the website of the Reiss brand collapsed not once but twice by the large amount of traffic.

But that is no longer available through the internet does not mean that it has stopped the rush to this dress. Reiss stores continue to receive calls from women looking to copy the style chic of the Duchess.