Sarah Ferguson: What have I done with my life?

Sarah Ferguson has started a new life. The Duchess of York has taken over its "bankruptcy" emotionally and financially and has asked for help to break the impasse. And everything has been recorded in the documentary Finding Sarah.

A year after hitting bottom with the discovery that he accepted bribes in exchange for access to Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson has escaped his demons, has settled its debts and is very positively to its future.

In the past twelve months, the Duchess of York has revised their accounts not only economic but also their emotional state, and result in both cases was the same: to solve the "bankruptcy. "

The documentary (which will air on Channel OWN Oprah Winfrey) shows Ferguson for help, falling back on their own mistakes and leaving them in an attempt to rebuild his life that is working.

It can see the Duchess visiting an American television guru, Dr. Phil McGraw, who warns that it is "addicted to the approval of others. "

Also go to a financial expert, Suze Orman, who advised him to become independent economically from Prince Andrew. And his journey continues with visits to a man who whispers to horses, a shaman of the desert of Arizona (USA), and the coach Martha Beck.

With all this, Ferguson-find-search "tools that make it possible to change your life. " And the results, after a year of work, seem to be good. The Duchess now says it is "debt free" every time you feel better emotionally and look "positively"to "a good future " away from past scandals.

But recovery has not forgotten the bad times past Ferguson, and his main question is: What have I done with my life How could I do this wrong.