Scientific studies reveal the sun's activity slowed in 2020

American Studies  in the United States,have found that the sun's activity is witnessing a long time from an unusual distance, which could affect the Earth's climate, as astronomers have spotted U.S.
decline in sunspots or sunspots and the slowdown in activity near the poles, which is nearing the final third of 2020,

 It pointers to the sun tend to a long period of calm in the activity, according to published daily mail .

Said Frank Hill, Assistant Director of the Observatory of solar energy: "The solar cycle, the current may be the last, which has seen active solar significant several decades ago," pointing to it as unusual and unexpected and will affect a large number of things from space exploration to climate on Earth,
 Also based on Dr. Hill and his team go three studies entirely different to the sun in the same direction, which is a solid indication that the sunspot cycle is heading to the period of hibernation.

It is noteworthy that the solar spot "Sunspot", characterized by a low temperature for the surrounding areas and actively prevents the intense magnetic field carrying the heat component areas of low surface temperature, despite being very bright areas but the difference between the temperature, which amounts to about 4000-4500 K The surface temperature of the sun in general, "5700 K", makes it appear dark spots.