Sell ​​your used car fast and a good price

Although some people choose to sell your used car to an agency or use as partial payment to buy another vehicle, the sale between individuals is often the best way to get the best price.

Follow the tips below to sell your used car faster, maximize your profits and avoid mishaps:

Fix your car. Be sure to wash or detail your car to make it presentable. Ask your mechanic to repair any defects and receive reports indicating that the car works perfectly and has a clean record.

Determines the price. Browse newspaper ads or sources  to investigate the current price of similar cars according to the model, condition and mileage.

Choose a price slightly higher than the market so you can easily negotiate with potential buyers.

Publish an ad. You can advertise your car in newspapers, local magazines, Internet or bulletin boards in schools, offices and supermarkets. Do not forget to place a sign in the window of the car and spread the word to family and acquaintances.

Write an attractive ad that includes basic information such as price, make, model, condition and mileage.

Shows the car to the buyer. Answer honestly to all the concerns of the buyer, said any flaws and highlight the specific qualities of the car (special accessories, new tires, etc ). Have on hand the documents to verify the history of the car and the buyer asks mecánicas.Si conditions drive the vehicle to prove it or take it to your own mechanic for an inspection, make sure you have a license to drive and accompany him to clarify any additional questions.

When negotiating the price, be patient, considering all offers and do not hesitate to reject them if they are too low or if the buyer distrust.

End sales formalities. Requests that payment be made in cash or certified check or cash (instead of personal checks). Once payment is made, it is important to sign the sales contract, title transfer and remove the plates of the vehicle. Check the laws in your state to find out if any additional procedures or requirements for the sale of a used car.

After the sale, do not forget to contact your insurance agent to cancel your auto insurance coverage or transfer to another vehicle.