Pregnancy itself is not hardly ever an obstacle to physical love. Nevertheless we must take into account that over the nine months of conception, the dynamics of the relationship of a couple may change up to cause a breakdown in communication usually erotic ends to create a hitch to the size and difficulty of communication more generally.

These dynamics are mostly related to concerns by both man and woman, which in many cases have no basis at the medical.

The separation of the reproductive function of sexuality from that of pleasure, communication, and the game means that, in some couples, after he is aware of the pregnancy, sexuality is interrupted for a long time.
Another recurring motif in sexual behavior during pregnancy is fear, especially by the father, that sexuality can be harmful to the future mother and then to the fetus. It is good to know, in this regard that the fetus is well cushioned and protected inside the amniotic sac and is carefully isolated from a mucous plug. In any case, the male organ may come into direct contact with the fetus during sex. Conversely, some researchers argue that the penetration, especially in the last stage of pregnancy, can have a positive effect even on the neck of the uterus, which is also very robust and fitted with a mucous plug impermeable to sperm.
Then there are the physical changes that can influence on the interest in sex, is part of the woman and man, that the sexual pleasure itself. For the women, then, there are some physical manifestations especially in the first trimester of pregnancy - strong hormonal changes, nausea, vomiting, increased volume, breast tenderness - that alone enough to explain any drop in sexual activity (but in some Women may even accentuate the desire). It is good to know, then, that there are no particular contraindications to sex during pregnancy, except for some cases listed below, and indeed the couple may also find that during this period, sexual intercourse can be more satisfying than ever. And if not, it is useful for a couple to leave room for all those intimate events that allow you to maintain a level of communication including body that will be good precondition to the resumption of sex after childbirth.

In other words, the couple will always have to keep open a channel of communication on sexual relationship and try to meet in other ways their needs for intimacy, for example by means of kisses, caresses, of "pampering" and more generally in take care of each other.
This will allow, among other things, to create a climate for the unborn child of harmony in the couple of which will benefit the world at his coming.
Safety If a pregnancy is considered normal and safe, it can also be the practice of sex for the entire period of gestation of the child. A safe pregnancy is one that sees the woman at low risk compared to a miscarriage or premature birth, according to the opinion expressed by a gynecologist.
The medical opinion, however, could not influence the couple lived in relation to a sexual manner and with the frequency with which it was practiced before conception. The sexual desire in women, in fact, can vary in the stages of pregnancy, as well as his physical discomfort - than the increasing size of the body - may cause a departure from the partners. And, again, the woman can lessen or completely lost sexual desire because they worried about the imminent birth or too excited by the prospect of becoming a mother.

Risk Factors

There are some situations in which sexual intercourse during pregnancy should be reduced or suspended, in the opinion that the doctor will:

    previous threats of abortion

    previous preterm delivery or signs of risk for premature delivery, such as excessive dilatation of the cervix

    unexplained vaginal bleeding

    loss of amniotic fluid

    presence of an infection in progress

    placenta previa, or a condition where the placenta (the blood-rich structure that nourishes the baby) is in an anomalous position, for example, near the cervix, thus risking to break away.

    Cases of multiple fetuses