Tribute to the victims of the earthquake that struck northeastern Japan

Tribute to the victims of the earthquake that struck northeastern Japan three months ago

Three months after the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeastern Japan, several cities agreed today to 23,639 dead and missing from the disaster amid calls for accelerating the country's reconstruction.

In the city of Ishinomaki, Miyagi in the province and one of the most affected by the tragedy, residents and nearly 2,000 volunteers unfurled banners of colors sent around the country in memory of the victims and encouraging messages.

In this city the fishermen and port workers remembered their dead comrades with a minute of silence between the reconstruction of the port, public broadcaster NHK reported.

In Yamada in Iwate province, the mayor sent a message to all its citizens, through the emergency speakers, encouraging them to "go forward together" in recovery.

Three months after the earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale on March 11, more than 90,000 people still live in temporary refugee centers, as only 28,000 were built 52,000 temporary houses provided by the Government.

In addition, many of the evacuees have refused to move to that type of housing on the grounds that there lack the necessary basic services, unlike what happens in the volunteer centers.

According to an NHK poll released today five hundred evacuees from the affected areas, 77 percent of respondents believe that the reconstruction is not progressing or too slowly.

Only 5 percent felt that the tasks are carried out smoothly, while 15 percent said they are fluid "to some extent, " according to the channel.