The Wii U.S: the main protagonist in the first day of E3 2011

Los Angeles. (EFE) .- Tens of thousands of people attended the opening today in Los Angeles for the annual fair of the world's largest video game, E3,

where the expectation is transformed into long lines around the news from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft .

The newly unveiled U.S. Wii console, will happen in 2012 to the popular Wii was the big star on the first day of the event at the Convention Center of the California city, where hundreds of attendees waited patiently for their turn to make first contact with that device.

Nintendo Wii confident that U is a milestone in the sector as was the case with Wii, which, following its debut in 2006, became the best selling console worldwide, although its dominance is now threatened by Xbox 360 and Kinect your peripheral.

(Wii U.S.) Assuming the same change when we move from GameCube to Wii, "said Kit Ellis, a spokeswoman for Nintendo of America, Efe shortly after the presentation of what will be the next generation of consoles Company Japan, of which few details have leaked.

The only thing Nintendo has revealed itself in the fair is the command that will accompany the new hardware, a kind of tablet with touch screen that incorporates traditional buttons used on other consoles designed for more complex games that Nintendo used to offer.

This tablet will give players the versatility of a second screen, will also surf the Internet or make video calls, though not born to replace the handheld DS and 3DS.

"(The new console) is a completely new system for up to games in high definition to 1080p and has the revolutionary leadership that really expands the potential of games," said Ellis.

Will have to wait until next year to check on the floor of E3 how to integrate the creation of Electronic Arts and Ubisoft Wii U.S., after the two companies, along with others in the sector, announced that they will bring their best-known titles such platform for the first time.

Another of the most coveted items is fair Vita PlayStation, Sony's portable console to replace the PSP and will be a reality in the market before year end, for a starting price of $ 249.

Vita added more control options in their control to explore new possibilities of games, same idea behind U Wii and E3 staged in a change in the sector in recent years sought to simplify the handling of video games flag something that Microsoft, which directly controls eliminated the Kinect sensors.

The fair returned to normal and leave the 3D images of PS3 games, dance demonstrations as "Central Dance 2" for Xbox or athletic ability and wireless controllers Move Wii and PS3, while Nintendo celebrated the 25 anniversary of Zelda game, another who never misses this event.

Microsoft was the only one of the big three hardware manufacturers did not renew their devices for this year's E3, to be expected after spending the past two years to raise awareness Kinect, so its exposure at the show focused on demonstrating the potential of its catalog of games.

Titles like "Kinect Star Wars" or "Kinect Disneyland Adventures" was unveiled to the public as "Forza Motorsport 4" or another major franchise that adds a new chapter in its history after the summer, "Gears of War 3."

Among the most popular games of the new edition of E3 is "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" which opens on November 8, "Assassin's Creed: Revelations," "Battlefield 3," new "Tomb Raider" or advancement of "Halo 4", which until now only been able to see a trailer.