Bryan Berg: the best in the building playing cards

Bryan Berg is considered the best in the world, who works in the field of building playing cards, as has the ability to design and creativity in the work of all these amazing buildings without using one drop of glue,
  And without use of any means to install or paste again, as it is characterized by precision in the process of stacking a set of playing cards on top of each other only,

Broke the world record to be used more than a quarter of a million and a playing card to build a larger building of cards in the world, have exercised this profession after learning architecture at the University of Iowa in the United States in 1997, then served as the lecturer, Faculty of Design for three years, and completed his studies in Harvard, and then decided to work in the field of the order of cards.

Berg has built a scale model of the castle Cinderella's famous Disneyland using 3.000 pack of cards, to break the world record time in the building playing cards in 2004, and then each time breaking the record for himself to put new records, reaching for the use of 218.792 and a card game in building one as we saw earlier.