Cristiano Ronaldo gives a luxury cruise

Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Irina Shayk landed in Bodrum, Turkey, to address a relaxing cruise on a luxury yacht. The tour will bring the couple along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

The experience comes just days before the baptism of his son's football player of Real Madrid, which took place in Portugal.
The ceremony was held to coincide with the birthday of the eldest son, born June 17 last year. Present your loved ones and the Iberian singer Tony Carreira, who has performed in vocal performance.

Now for Ronaldo began a period of relaxation without waivers. As said on other occasions, the Portuguese athlete loves the good life: designer accessories and sports cars made ​​by Ferrari and Porsche in the accompanying transfers daily. Splendid his villa in Madrid, where has it all. From the garage to the living room is a hive of amenities, in an expensive mix flowing with a few memories of his career.