A delicious summer dessert: lemon sorbet or ice cream with hot blueberries!

If you want to impress and make a great dessert in minutes, follow this procedure:

     Buy the lemon sorbet or ice cream instead of lemon
     Buy a cup of blueberries
     To make the blueberry cream hot: Take half cup of blueberries and place in a glass and crush with a wooden spoon (or you can blend them)

     Add a little 'sugar
     Put the glass in the microwave for about 20 seconds
     You're done: take a cup of ice cream, place the sorbet, pour a little 'hot blueberry cream and garnish with a little' fresh blueberries

The result is spectacular! Very good! Guaranteed! Furthermore, as is well known in the blueberries are good for sight, movement and the lemon sorbet is not so calorie (130 calories for every 100 or so), as well as being an excellent digestive