Discover the beneficial properties of plums: laxative, diuretic

Discover the beneficial properties of plums: laxative, diuretic, anti-aging and anti-viral.

The prunes are a type of fruit are very important for our physical well-being because they contain high amount s o f water (about 87%) and various vitamins such as laa, B1, B2 and C. Also prunes contain very few calories, about 40 per 100 grams. Please note however 'that contain a lot of sugar, so not for pe ople who suffer from diabetes.

Among the most important properties include the diuretic and laxative. If you have bowel problems, plums can be an excellent natural remedy for promoting the secretion of bile and regulate the activity of the intestine. Prunes contain potassium and this means that help reduce water retention.

Equally important is their antiviral and antibacterial activities. Plums are indicated for anemia, rheumatism and arteriosclerosis, are also indicated in cases of fatigue and stress as they are energizing