Eye Care and around them

There is no doubt that the eyes are the mirror of beauty, and the first thing seen by others, and then must
To attach the eyes and the area surrounding them special attention because the freshness of the skin and flexibility in the ocean for an eye is one of the key factors to protect the skin from wrinkles.

Care - the area beneath the lower eyelid:

Use a thin column of wood at the end of a piece of cotton for the distribution of cream or oil which is placed in the form of simple points in the outer corner of the eye so that
Get there from the outer corner of the eyelid so that the near corner of the nose and so repeat the process several times.

 The upper eyelid and the surrounding area:

Repeat the previous move, but the contrary, any direction is from the inner corner of eye to outer corner of her

The vicinity of the outer corner of the eye:

Appear in this region a distinctive wrinkles called "a man of geese," and we strain to the bottom of this region during the development of decent, but you should get there to the top.

Important tips for the beauty of your eyes and eyelids:

1 - Drink six glasses of water a day at least
2 - spread heavily over mineral water on your face several times before applying the cream or make-up
3 - Make sure to eat fresh fruit and vegetables permanently
4 - must be able to get plenty of sleep at least seven hours a day
5 - Use a pillow rigid
6 - The practice of physical exercise per day according to the facial muscles also benefit the muscles of the body
7 - the large number of stitches (grins) cause wrinkles in the face and around the eyes or the permanent smile It prevents wrinkles and simplifies the facial muscles

8 - Clean your face of make-up well before bedtime, taking into account the use of nourishing creams
9 - you protect your skin from the weather changes
10 - persist in the work of the facial exercises every day to get the desired result

 Bad habits affect your eyes and eyelids:

1 - constant tampering with fingers in the eye area and around, and what can be wrought wrinkles

2 - Make eye shrinks during smiling, causing wrinkles around chronic
3 - appointed to a half of persons and things as if you do you see a disk of the sun
4 - raise your eyebrows while you talk
5 - the use of sunglasses is poor or poorly-made glasses with scratches
6 - use pillows during sleep is not healthy
7 - to look at the light and sit directly in front of the TV
8 - often based owners of the short to take off the glasses and try to read and
Write and work without thinking of them that the glass affect the beauty of their eyes, which Aardhtmarenat to strengthen the eye:

You must understand that there is a very useful exercise to strengthen the eye and maintain its beauty, including:

1 - have to look far into something and then immediately close look at your thing and repeat this process several times
2 - Look to the maximum points you can access it with your eyes on the right without moving your head around your eyes and then to the maximum point of the left

3 - Look at the top of something that can reach your eyes without moving your head and then around to the bottom of your eyes

4 - You move the eyeball your eyes in a circular motion to the top right and then right and then to the bottom and then to the left and then up (clockwise movement) and repeat it several times
5 - moving your eyeball in a circular motion clockwise