First Days in GYM Body and First Training

According to some surveys conducted in the United States, many learners leave the fitness club due to overexertion, fatigue and pain. Many potential customers do not sign up for the same fear. This is due to errors in planning your training, especially regarding the lack of gradation of the load. It is said that the assets "free body" are always of aerobic and read, especially for the beginner.

Participate in a group activity, be it gymnastics, or simply one among many activities, "music" in the proposed fitness center, does not always do a light work compared to the gymnastics in the fitness room.

Training tailored for the beginner

The first training sessions should be moderate, limiting the possible symptoms of fatigue that could demoralize even the most motivated beginners. In the fitness room you can start with aerobic exercise on cardio machines (stationary bikes, rowing machine, treadmill, stepper, etc..) Accurately measuring the intensity of effort, without risk of excess. Even the use of weights or counterweights gear is suitable for beginners.
A program of exercises with the method "circuit", for example, with light loads, can meet these needs, to obtain a general conditioning. The use of weights, therefore, is not just for strength training, and is said to be "heavier" of body weight exercises. We must not forget that excess body weight affects about half of the population.

For those who are overweight, practicing calisthenics is often a problem. Being overweight is a significant overhead natural. Many times, machines and tools allow you to exclude or reduce the weight of the body during exercise, thus decreasing the load compared to the free body movement, protecting the joints unstable and also ensuring the training effect, with a wide joint mobility . Some machines even allow you to use balances the load with an effect of tension and relief of the backbone. These aspects were also addressed on the page relative to weight of developmental age.

To respect the principle of gradual training, where the beginner to train at intensity levels far below the anaerobic threshold. Unfortunately, in group activities of any kind, where the pace is often claimed, is beyond such a limit, unless these activities are reading, gymnastics or stretching, programmed specifically for beginners or the elderly. Otherwise, it would be better to play in the first weeks, a personal training program in the fitness room,

So you may be more free to adjust the load and recovery times to suit your needs, without being imposed by the conditioning of rhythm ' instructor and the group itself.