Grilled Provolone

Portions / Number of people: 1 slice per person
Prep Time: 5 minutes

The provolone cheese is a delicious Italian cooking is yummy round and round, with a little oregano and olive oil.

Ingredients for Grilled Provolone

Provolone slices half an inch thick
Olive oil

How to Prepare Grilled Provolone
The secret to the perfect stay provolone is browned at high temperature. We take a nonstick skillet or griddle. The warm up and when it begins to smoke, we take a few drops of olive oil, and then the provolone slices (one per person), and sprinkle oregano.

We went up the edges with a wooden spoon when they begin to melt, and we get to a plate. We turn around and put it in the pan on the other side until golden. Is removed from the pan when it begins to melt the second side.