How to prepare a compress moisturizing and polish the hair

How to prepare a compress moisturizing and polish the hair with the method do-it-yourself

Your hair has lost luster, is brittle and fragile? Do not worry, we'll offer a wrap surprising results, you'll see that your hair will shine and reinvigorate quickly, with little time and learn a few products too!

15 ml of linseed oil
15 ml of jojoba oil
30 grams shea butter
30 drops lemon oil
(Find anything in herbal medicine)
Dye brush (cosmetic or supermarket)

Our hair, are the first to be affected by our stress, our poor diet and low in vitamins. We advise you to do something immediately to correct these habits, if your hair is dull, brittle and tend to fall, prepares excellent results from this pack.

Take fifteen milliliters of linseed oil.
Add fifteen milliliters of jojoba oil, shea butter, one ounce, and thirty drops of lemon oil. Mix thoroughly all ingredients together until mixture is thick and creamy.

Then apply the wrap from root to tip with a small brush to dye. If you have long hair fix them with pliers.
Cover with tin foil, and leave the pack for twenty minutes, rinse under warm water and cold water, continue washing with a mild hair shampoo, conditioner and dry it usually applies as usual.

Your hair will be after the first application of most shiny, hydrated and strong ...

Repeat the pack once every 10 days