If the kids are tired : Foods to help combat fatigue

Climate change requires adaptations in the mechanisms necessary for the growth of the structures of the body, bones and muscles, and for the proper functioning of the brain. In addition,
children are subjected to considerable stress during the winter because of the study and a variety of extracurricular activities in which they are engaged. At the end of a short circuit occurs, a breakdown of the adaptability of the organism, which must satisfy the requirements due to growth.

The signals with which children manifest fatigue are irritability, insomnia, poor appetite, difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in all activities deemed funny the first or at least pleasant.
Foods to help combat fatigue, both physical and emotional integrity of youngsters are foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids (found in vegetable oils and fish): All substances that fight free radicals and help the body work better. So vegetables and fruits: citrus fruits are fine, but also some tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya.
The extra virgin olive oil is the ideal condiment, if you should welcome some rosehip tea that contains vitamin C. To avoid excess simple carbs because they cause a rise in blood insulin, responsible for a sudden drop in blood sugar level and a feeling of profound fatigue and exhaustion. In practice, cakes, biscuits stuffed, chocolate, too many refined grains, may worsen the condition of fatigue.

Obviously you should avoid or minimize foods and heavy foods like butter, meats and fatty meats (sausages). Finally, please note that in addition to food, sleep is very important to safeguard children: pediatricians recommend at least ten hours a night.