Jerseys: Discover new forms, experimenting with new colors

Well, we will not explain again that you win out of a dressing room, there must be some basic assets up his sleeve - a touch of sunless tanner on the body, hair removal that does not date from the winter last, out of pity, no demarcation of socks at the ankles. However, we must also know how to face up, take what we imagine to be flaws to better qualities and chopping into a nice figure to the beach.

Do you really know what kind of shape you belong? "We can identify four, says Marie-Paule Minchelli, director of the studio Eres. The "pear", narrow shoulders, tiny breasts and wide hips. The "cross", with balanced proportions top and bottom.
The generous, round breasts, size more or less marked and round hips. And filiform, where nothing is sticking. "You already dying of jealousy against the latter? "You should not, our expert replies. If everything goes on paper, all forms will not do much in value. And especially for her as for others, just know to take advantage of her curves.

Gourmet Pear

A woman in silhouette" pear "must first attract attention on his upper body. "Yes, but a tiny chest is not a priori an important asset? "Unless she chose a two-piece swimsuit with V-neck and print it dares to give an impression of volume. It can also try a slightly ruched band to showcase his shoulders. Downstairs is prohibited if the shorty, breeches or too tall or too low profile make the harmonious whole. A side-room, I still recommend a plunging neckline, but the neck brace to strengthen the middle.

All curves

The secret is in one word: structuring," says Marie-Paule Minchelli. Really? Not all that sexy, right? "Forget the lines too straight, the jackets and the straps on the shoulders wedged. Opt for oval necklines and you will see the difference. Also, just a good support busty with a triangle in Basque, for example, to feel lighter. It should also opt for a low-cut pants if you are not great. More good news? "Why not try a pastel shade? The soft colors are very pretty on a voluptuous woman with light skin, they may even reduce the curves ... Take the models once the dark tanned skin.


Beware of the dark colors! "Yes, if the black tends to smooth out the curves and contours, then logically it accentuates the lines too thin ... What should I do to not be invisible to the beach? "Dare fantasy, inflate the chest with a bra with foam or a frilly headband.
A nice effect that will fit in perfectly with shorts and boxers and that allows your body to be, suddenly, a little "Plumpy". For you, the models cotton, crochet, etc.. Less than in second-skin stretch. 

Classified X

How to cover up some flaws that you will always be even if one has a cross shape, harmonious and well proportioned? "Understand a little belly and some of that flabby thighs annoys you ..." For the belly, high pants, possibly retro is for you. But beware, it should not be too low-cut if your hips are round: this would increase the saddlebags just want to hide. Ditto for the one-piece swimsuit that you can also choose a cut on the front to contour curves and narrow waist.