For every girl, at a certain age, there comes a time when you feel the urge to grow, to look different, of being bigger, "to be a woman." So, a little 'for fun and a little' choice begins to intervene in its own image, at first timidly and then with increasing conviction, you try and try again clothes, shoes with heels or cleavage, the hairstyles and then the tricks, all tools that allow you to enter law or "appearance" in the adult world.

The trick is one of the tricks that adolescents experience first, thanks to the ease with which you may provide and apply hidden from parents. Every mother or relative, in fact, has some lipstick in the drawer, the correctors, mascara and pencils already used, will not be easy for her to notice that something is missing from its rich endowment. It so happens that you come across, the street or at the bar in "girls / women" with red cheeks and eyes rimmed in black. In adolescence, the skin is not always perfect, as it is congested by the growth phase, marked by some pimple here and there. The presence of these imperfections is often lived, from his youth as an obstacle in the relationship, something to be ashamed of, something you'd like to disappear by magic. And then down foundation and pressed powders, with the hope of covering what we do not like and never want to see. With results that, in most cases, resemble grotesque masks, worn by teens who believe that the make-up has made it interesting and above all "women."

But what is the make-up suitable for a young age? Here are some useful tips.
- After applying the skin treatment recommended by the beautician, apply a thin layer of basic mixer, a waxy base that isolates the skin from make-up and promotes a natural result, elastic and durable. - Then apply a concealer like the beige color of their skin, not fluid, but well-covered in cream, rich in pigment that is, only on the pimples or blemishes on any cover (including circles). - If the red spots, add the basic beige concealer, corrector with a tinge of green. - In case of yellow specks unite to basic beige concealer, corrector of lilac. - On a slightly bluish areas (circles, etc.) to spell basic beige concealer to add a bit of orange, perfectly compact for a base without weighing it down. This technique uses the complementary colors, combined with the opacity of the correction, will lead to a complete annulment of the various spots on the skin.

- Use a brush to apply the correction only and
only on the spots to be filled. When applied to pat the concealer brush with another perfectly clean. - Take a very compact foam sponge, wet it, wring well and wipe dry with a Kleenex, so as to minimize the amount of water in it. - Use a stick foundation based wax, dilute with a little 'Mixer and dry with the sponge, apply all over your face, even over the concealer. This would result in a compact base, uniform and natural but not stratified.

If some areas need more coverage apply only on them, the fund pure stick (always buffered with the sponge) without diluting it with the mixer, so you will get a more opaque. Now use a thin layer of powder of high quality (if the powder is too rich in talc, but costs less and weighs down the make up is getting a heavy base and clear).

- Dab around the face with a velvet jacket - Wipe the face with a perfectly clean Brush (large type that you use for the land), as if to remove the powder applied. This step will relieve the layer of powder, removing the excess and thus reducing the layering effect "heavy makeup." - At this point, it is advisable to spray a thin layer of Evian water all over her face, and wait for a few seconds to dry, and this serves to eliminate the effect  dust that leaves the powder and get a very natural basis.

The eyebrow is vital, but beware: intervene on uncertainty alone, it is good to rely on a makeup artist. It is good to know that the shape of the eyebrows affects the eye but also throughout the rest of the face and its shape changes for visual effect, also the nose, jaw and the shape of the entire face. It must be an expert makeup artists to decide what is suitable for every face eyebrows. Once you have identified the make-up and "drawn" the line fits, as the hairs grow back will be easier to maintain the shape.

For eye shadows, the choice is free and the "game" is lawful, by demonstrating a few more years of those details, never mind. You have to know, however, that if the colors will be used in space that goes between the upper lashes and the natural fold of the eye tricks will get "quiet", that is very noticeable. Conversely, if you will overcome the natural fold of the eyelid, using the color and the folds between the eyebrows, you will get a very obvious trick.

A few, simple steps.

An eyeliner, also colored, used to root the upper lashes can get a look deep and intense. Mascara should be strictly black and if you want, you can apply one color (maybe the same color of eyeliner) only on the tips. No blusher and lands in the presence of pimples! Applying the products mentioned, in fact, you will get to color the tips of the pimples make them reappear.

Even in the absence of spots, however, use the blush sparingly: the cheekbones are more colorful, more eyes are hidden! On the lips are fine colored transparencies that give fullness, brightness, but are suitable for younger ages.