New discovery .. Glasses enable the blind to see

Got a new discovery is known as the "eyes and mechanisms," the approval of the European Union, which provides an opportunity to restore eyesight to many blind due to diseases of the retina.

As the newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain's discovery that a pair of new genetic enable blind or vision, patients walk on their own without the facilities, engage with normal life easily.

The newspaper added that the new glasses  as a network industry for those who suffer from blindness due to lack of the retina, whether the defect genetically or satisfactory, prompting the European regulators for the development of the rapid approval of this invention, and the trading markets, starting from next summer after the success of the test, which has undergone 30 to blind patients, managed vision using glasses.

Scientists say the fictional invention and a major step forward in the field of  electronic technology for  eye , where is the seed of a bionic eye to restore sight, Valenzarh is a small computer converts the images to electrical impulses transmitted to the brain and helps to become aware of the injured to the image.

The newspaper pointed out that the E-glass "eyes two mechanisms" are not available for all patients is still a heavy price, with an estimated 50 thousand pounds sterling, and the glasses accompanied by a small device used for training costs 10 thousand pounds sterling. And expressed the paper about the importance of these glasses are available for all patients, and that offered by national organizations and institutions.

She noted that the new glasses require that the blind process of first transplants especially to fit with the receiver and the wireless pad associated with the electric glasses to help stimulate and activate cells related to the retina. Once this process is complete, patients can use the glasses that enable him to see the light, movement and color, and reading; with the ability of glass to enlarge the small things