The new Tally necklaces bluetooth

The technology we like more if it looks very feminine and can be worn like a costume jewelry: Victoria is the idea of ​​proposing the new Tally necklaces bluetooth with the appearance of a jewel that enhances an outfit and illuminates the face of the wearer.
This is a line of Value Creation Group, which takes the name of a woman and intends to underline their femininity with headsets and bluetooth device without the appearance of a cool electronic gadget because they mask resembling a pearl necklace with details d 'gold.

They are four in all, two necklaces and two crew neck. They charge and then you wear the device connected via Bluetooth with your cell phone. Can be used for phoning, listening to music, perform all the functions normally associated with a conventional bluetooth. But with a completely different style.

Are designed to be worn in more formal occasions, even with the evening dress, but also from meeting with the suits. Their capacity is four hours of talk time and up to 100 hours on standby.