Problems with swollen legs and heavy? Discover natural remedies.

With the summer heat increases the swelling of the legs caused by poor circulation. Often the problem of swelling is a close ally of the problem of water retention which is the main cause of the much hated cellulite.
To alleviate this problem we must try to improve peripheral circulation and promote the drainage of liquids. In these cases, the first golden rule is to drink lots of water and try to keep the legs always in motion and use of comfortable shoes.

What are the ingredients required to alleviate the problem of heavy and swollen legs?

The first ingredient is onions. A simple food, super cheap and easy to retrieve in any season. Onions have important diuretic properties and helps combat water retention, swollen legs, ankles and feet.

The second ingredient is the raspberry leaf that you can buy in any health food store. And 'necessary to prepare an infusion with these leaves and eat during the day. This gives immediate benefits to circulation.

Other ingredients of note are the birch, horsetail, ivy, horse chestnut, the Centella asiatica and butcher's broom that besides being present in many cellulite creams can be bought in herbal medicine is in tablet form or as dried herbs to prepare infusions.
Massage to stimulate the circulation

Another manual method to remedy the problem is the leg massage using a blend of essential oils of juniper, rosemary and lemon. The massage should be performed using a precise technique: drag in circular motions from the ankles up.