Royal wedding, the make up of Kate and invited

The spotlights were all focused on her that did not disappoint the expectations impeccable presentation at the altar of Westminster Abbey on April 29 last year.
Royal gown, designed especially for her by Sarah Burton, fashion designer Alexander McQueen at the head of the house, and glamorous makeup.
We're talking about Kate Middleton for the big day he decided to wear make-up alone.
No make-up artist then for the new Duchess of Cambridge who has opted for a soft smokey eye of neutral tones, combined with rosy cheeks just a lipstick the same shade. Eyeliner and mascara only flaws a little 'too marked.

It is rumored that before the wedding the bride has taken lessons from Arabella Preston, among the most well-known makeup artist in London.

The manicure instead regalatale by Camilla, was performed by Marina Sandoval Jo Hansford's Mayfair salon, which has created the opportunity for a custom color, using enamel Bourjois No 28 Lounge Rose and Essie Allure 423.

The hair was styled in soft hand curls by James Pryce Richard Ward Salon. Kate had set only one condition to his hair stylist: "When I get to the altar must be able to recognize William."
Pryce has made for the future Queen of England a "Demi-Bun" create volume on top thanks to a classic bun base that allowed you to place the precious signed Cartier diamond tiara.

The hairdresser used the same style and the same technique for his sister, Pippa, thanks to a diversifying set of accessories that adorn the base of hairdressing.
For her, a light makeup and perfect: the rosy blush on the cheeks and just a touch of color on the eyes.

Even the mother of the bride has proved a lover of good taste in makeup: the veil of foundation, mascara and lipstick nude-effect rewarded the beautiful face of Carole.

The two daughters of Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice and Eugenie have staked everything on the look rather well on quirky hat designer Philip Treacy. Above all, Beatrice, who has exaggerated mascara and pencil, but he balanced with the rest of the face, choosing neutral tones like beige and pink.

Victoria Beckham has chosen for the royal occasion a heavy make-up, marked with mascara, highlight cheekbones, dark lipstick. A trick perhaps a little 'too heavy for the former Posh Spice, expecting her fourth child.

Choosing the opposite Charlene Wittstock, came to Westminster Abbey on the arm of her future husband Prince Albert of Monaco, who sported a lighter makeup: bare lips and hair in a bun bottom, as in all the official events to which participates.

Flawless Princess Letizia also of Spain, wife of Prince Felipe. In pink, soft hair on his shoulders, eye shadow and blush peach-colored light, perfect for his complexion.