The shuttle Atlantis enters orbit

Cape Canaveral, Florida .- The Atlantis reached orbit eight minutes on Friday and a half after its launch from Florida (Southeast USA) in the final mission in the space of a space shuttle, NASA said.

Shortly before the external tank broke loose from the ship to fall into the atmosphere where it will disintegrate.

Atlantis, with four crew on board and 2,000 tons of weight at takeoff, flew over the Atlantic from the platform at Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral.

The two rocket boosters that ensure 80% of the thrust during the first two minutes of ascent, separated as planned to fall into the Atlantic, where they will be recovered.

With five times the speed of sound, the shuttle continued its accelerated to more than 28,330 km / h, eight minutes and 30 seconds after launch, before being put into orbit after its three engines cryogenic composite fuel runs out hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

Once in orbit at 225 km altitude, Atlantis prepares for his date with the International Space Station (ISS), which is moored on Sunday and is 350 km altitude.