Tips for your hands and nails

There are many mistakes affect the beauty of your hands and nails and may achieve your organization without the feel

Following these tips:

1 - When a coolant for the settlement of your nails, but you Tstamelih forward and backward, but in only one direction

2 - Avoid cutting the dead skin because it may hinder the growth of the nails, and the correct way is to press lightly on
Atkthrey to the use of paint remover so much for the nail Aaave

3 - Avoid the use of force when cleaning your nails brushing for even Ataven your nails and you have Tnzfaha

4 - to forget the work of some special exercises for the hands to activate blood circulation and the transmission of your hands beauty and splendor

5 - Do not eat until the nail-biting is usually not appear in the form of offensive

Recipes from nature to treat your hands and nails:

* For the treatment of broken nails:
You painted your nails with lemon juice in the morning and evening for a week

* For the treatment of roughness of hands:
Hands are painted with a mixture of lemon juice and glycerin and water in equal parts, Cologne

* To strengthen the skin and Ndharth:
Painted skin apple juice
Raw carrots without removing the bullet Foreign concentrations of most vitamins and minerals