Tyeb Mehta, one of his works recovers 3.24 million dollars

A painting untitled Tyeb Mehta set a new record for the Indian master, reaching 3.24 million dollars in an auction at Christie's in London. The figure is quite close to 3.5 million paid about a year ago for "Saurashtra" by Syed Haider Raza.

In Mehta's painting is reproduced a figure lying on a rickshaw pulled by hand and painted in blocks of gray, red and saffron. The author's previous record was 2.8 million dollars.

Yamini Mehta, director of modern and contemporary Indian art at Christie's, believes that pitta is auctioning one of the "greatest masterpieces" of the master who carried it out. This canvas, placed in a series on rickshaws, refers to the time that the artist spent in Calcutta.

Mehta is a prominent figure in the group of Indian modernists, which includes names like Mr. Raza, Francis Newton Souza and Maqbool Fida Husain, the "Picasso of India" with a passion for luxury cars, recently deceased. Their works, consistently produce the highest prices in art auctions in the country of Maharajas.