10 tricks to get more sleep

Remember: it is the child who, from her earliest months of life, chooses when and how to sleep. In the face of what we are virtually powerless, as well as for the world we can keep him from waking up at 3 am when she is not good. One thing we parents can make: try to improve the quality of our naps, giving us a good albeit short and fragmented sleep.

That's like having a good night's sleep in 10 easy steps:

1 - Give up caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, especially late in the afternoon and evening. A cup of coffee in the evening can delay sleep even hours, while more than a glass or two of wine or beer could make it rough. Remember that caffeine is not alone in the coffee or tea, but also in chocolate, the diet pills, medicines and many soft drinks.

2 - Go ahead and exercise, but finished at least three hours before bedtime. After a workout, it is necessary that the body has a chance to relax.

3 - Keep your room to a comfortable temperature, eliminating noise and lights, which are possible elements of disturbance during a light sleep. Most people can sleep better in a cool room. If the problem is the noise, consider whether the case is not to turn on a stereo at low volume, so as to mask the sounds from the street with a soft background.

4 - Being able to sleep during the day for only 15/20 minutes can improve your reflexes, sharpen memory and reduce overall symptoms of fatigue. Keep in mind, however, that sleeping during the day can ruin the quality of nighttime sleep.

5 - When you go to sleep, for yourself and yourself, as you do with your child, some small rituals. An hour before bedtime, for example, put aside the work that you've brought home from the office. Pour a few drops of essential oil of lavender or chamomile in the bath and take a hot bath. Prepare a cup of herbal tea or warm milk and go for a good book before turning off the light.

6 - If after 30 minutes you can not sleep, do not be tossing and turning. Get up, go into another room, listening to soft music or read until you feel sleepy. Do not force yourself to sleep if you do not feel ready.

7 - Use your bed only for sleeping. You lose the habit of watching TV in bed, get used to associate the bed only at night time activities. Remember: it is important to have an open mind, do not use the time to go to bed to brood about everyday problems.

8 - If you find yourself sleeping on the couch, tuck yourself into bed. Make a habit of falling asleep anywhere but in his own bed, can lead to sleeping problems.

9 - In the evening, avoid heavy meals. If you feel the need to have a snack before bedtime, choose a food high in carbohydrates, such as a bowl of cereal.

10 - The last trick: to keep you awake and tell you if you are the anxious thoughts and worries, leave a note pad on the bedside table to jot down what bothers you.