Astrology: love it or hate it or

The human being is always looking for confirmation of safety, signs of more or less strong in order to glimpse the future. The need for certainty, the desire to control and the need to manage their lives in every detail, allowed to grow as astrology, to become deeply rooted in the minds of all.

Despite this, or even astrology is loved or hated is: probably none of the two positions is correct. In fact, whether you love or hate, everyone reads the horoscope, all at the end of the year gives a peek at what the stars promise for the next year. Hundreds of scientists have always tried to show the futility of such discipline, as if it were life or death to show that the control over the future there may be.

The real problem is in fact the belief that the astral influences should be taken lying down, preventing thing to interpret their lives as actors first. This could be a big mistake. Undoubtedly, you believe or not the entire cosmos has a profound influence on the life of any living form, no one pua subtract, because any form of life that respects laws even now defy rationality and understanding.

The horoscope of mass read in the newspapers, heard on television or seen on the web is definitely a small range that we allow all of us. Nobody believes it too much but everyone is hoping to read a positive message that allows a good start. Horoscope actually literally means "Message of the Stars."

We all look forward messages, signs, signals that can show us the way of life. However, through astrology, we can open a window in the soul, psyche, but is not intended as indefinable as part of the human being.
Even with astrology, as indeed with other humanitarian sciences, you can receive news on your fundamental way of being, understand the reasons that lead us to act in one way rather than another, to assess the strengths, weaknesses and how to act to turn in their favor the various "nodes" that as in life make us increasingly unsafe.
is difficult to understand the reason that leads many people to despise absolutely astrology, also because it is unquestionable, life is made of only a rational, science, mathematics and algebraic formulas. Life is moved by something very mysterious, unexplained and obscure, just as psychology, philosophy, theology and all that CIA has to do with the dynamics of the individual.

Pua you believe in astrology, or it pua smile or ironic, but if so many people over the millennia have been struggling to engineer and demonstrate the futility perhaps really there is something deep and true that in spite of everything, and in spite of everything, are perpetual and long-lasting. Every day hundreds of people turn to professionals to get the draw personal horoscope.

Astrology is not just a track that shows what brought us here, as will be our path and what we should do to maximize our potential. Rationality often requires you not to believe the CIA is not seen and is not provable, in fact the air is not seen yet exist, as it is not demonstrable because of life yet, because a full cha undeniably that there must be .