Celebrity : ALIZEE

Alizée spent a happy childhood in Ajaccio, Corsica city where she was born August 21, 1984. Early on, she stepped into the world of entertainment through dance classes, she has been practicing since the age of 4 years is now over 12 years, and also for acting classes.

ALIZEE has also had a taste in 1995. Indeed, she won a drawing contest among 6000 candidates. It may be noted that it had very long hair !!!!!! In addition to a superb trip to the Maldives for his family, that is to say his parents, his brother Johann Alizée and of course, her beautiful drawing was reproduced on an airplane-size scale. It also bears his name. But his career does not end there.

ALIZEE taking singing lessons since about 1997 because she realized that her voice was unique and very beautiful.