Celebrity : Isabelle Adjani

Isabelle Yasmine Adjani was born in Paris 17th June 27, 1955. She has a brother a few years younger, Eric, a famous photographer. In 1969, the college of Courbevoie, discovered that the assistant director-Michel Bernard Toublanc who offered him the lead role of his film The Little Bougnat.

At that time, Isabelle lives quietly with family in Gennevilliers. She wants to study for a degree in psychology and believe that cinema is a parallel activity holiday. But fate decided otherwise since 1971, Nina Companeez asked him to turn Faustina and the good summer.

Isabelle therefore no longer think that theater and soon after enrolled in acting classes Florent. It is chosen for a beautiful soap opera: The secret of the Flemish, where she plays a young Florentine of the Renaissance, and was noticed by Robert Hossein who hired him.