Celebrity : Myriam Abel

Born in the Grand'Combe in 1981, Miriam has a passion for music ever since. With the help of Indira Henni, founder of a singing school, she began very early to perform in public.

Karaoke singing contest, it takes the tubes Mariah Carey, Madonna or Celine Dion. In May 1997, the public finds in the "I's on TV."

The young singer clearly seduced the audience, and receives 93% positive votes. In the process, it connects a series of galas, where it will sing along with Gilles Pellegrini and especially René Coll. The adventure "I spend on TV" does not stop there, since the following month, Myriam wins the national final of the show! 1997 was a turning point in more ways than one: in July, the young singer met his future manager, Tristan Fedoras. The latter offered him a change