Discover the benefits of tuna

We discover in this article what are the benefits of the famous blue fish. Tuna is rich in proteins, protects the view reduces the risk of heart attack and help prevent arthritis. Tuna is a valuable source because it has many
beneficial qualities:

     rich in phosphorus, helps the memory;
     rich in selenium, helps fight aging and keep skin beautiful and healthy;
     rich in omega 3 and omega 6, ensures the proper functioning of cells. The role of these essential fatty acids is essential for the brain and nervous system, they fight cholesterol, allergies, inflammation and viral infections.

     In addition, omega-3 have a positive effect on cardiovascular health.

fresh tuna

Carbohydrates: 0; protein: 21.5, Fat: 8; water: 61.5; calories: 158.
Edible part: 90; gross calories: 142.

Canned tuna's natural

Carbohydrates: 0; protein: 20, Fat: 2.6, water: 61.5; calories: 103.

Tuna in oil, drained

Carbohydrates: 0; protein: 23.5; fat: 18.5; water: 54.6; calories: 247.