Famous hairstyles: curly hair, Blake Lively and Wavy Hair Style

The hair is wavy trend. Straddling the traditional curl hair and a smooth, soft and light waves have gained prominence. We speak of wavy hair style. And is that celebrities choose this hairstyle to stroll the red carpet world's best, or simply to attend a dinner with friends.

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively was impressive with some big waves and bay side at a gala held in New York. More elegance, impossible!

The soft waves, a safe

What will attract many wavy hair look? The waves are gentle, moving and dynamic and bring freshness to the face. It is very difficult waves him a woman feel bad.
 In addition, the effect is rejuvenating and refreshing. Dare to combine waves with reflections or streaks half shade lighter than your natural color hair and dazzle!

Get a flattering hair full of waves is not so complicated. Thanks to the plates of new generation or traditional rollers can get a celebrity look perfect at home. Easier: sleeping with a braid.