Google’s +1 Button Gets Its Treat, Now you can share to Google + Circles

Has been no reward clicked. You press the button to treatment, only to leave empty-handed. That has not stopped the button to get a huge distribution - is now 1 million sites and appears in 4 million impressions each day, but that growth has had more to do with the fact that Google is making it with the button on his utility.

Button 1 has always had a subtle effect, of course: Google says its impact on search results pages so that one may appear in queries from his friends more prominently than otherwise. But who knows how often that happens. And while these also are stored in your profile click + Google that are not anywhere your friends will see.

That is changing Google just

The feature appears to look pretty simple, and very like, allowing you to send content to a specific group of Facebook friends.

By clicking the button and choose one to share with their Circles + Google you will notice that the shared history is filled with both image and text on the page  "again, the features of Facebook-sharing work the same way".  Google is also allowing publishers to designate exactly which text they would like to include in these 'bits +'.

This is a great, if it is obvious a step forward for Google button, offering users a much more incentive to click on them.