Nail Decoration: ideas and photos, gel and nail polish

Nails decorated beyond belief, built with gel or lacquer enamel colors and innovative hybrid here all the photos in the decoration of the new chic nail.

Lacquer and subtle, glittery nails and pompous, the decorations for nails this summer and autumn are a blaze of colors and shapes. In the foreground on the stage of nail art, even characters like Hello Kitty and applications of fruit and rhinestones. Among the most striking, the gel nails are decorated with Swarovski, pearls and roses.
New class of extreme enamel decorations khaki green Chanel 2011 collection. The more in tune with the summer, however, the reconstructions in the blue gel-style "breaking wave" and the pink and green style "wild strawberry".

For those who like to wear nail polish in the classic style, perfectly bright, with enamel and semi-permanent, the tendency is that of double-color liquid and well mixed, but above that of a different color for each nail. The news of 2012 next year, in fact, seems to be just the use of many colors on nails of medium length and well rounded.

And the French manicuer? What happened? Try watching the decoration "half moon" with blue enamel and white: do not you think that the French will be upside down? Finally, be very trendy, polka dots, lines like hieroglyphics, and wants the must haves of 2011 for clothing and accessories.